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Dog and Cat Training Pats Static Training Mat Indoor Pet Training Mat manufacturers The static training mat is a touch sensitive training mat which says “NO” when you can`t. It quickly conditions dogs, cats and similar sized animals to avoid prohibited areas with a harmless, low-power electronic...

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Dog and Cat Training Pats Static Training Mat Indoor Pet Training Mat manufacturers


The static training mat is a touch sensitive training mat which says “NO” when you can`t. It quickly conditions dogs, cats and similar sized animals to avoid prohibited areas with a harmless, low-power electronic pulse similar to static electricity. Safe effective way to:

◆ Stop pets from entering an off limits room

◆ Protect your furniture.

◆ Stop pets from jumping on automobiles

◆ Protect car paintwork.

◆ Stop cats jumping onto kitchen counter tops.

◆ Stop dogs from getting at trash buckets



1.Remove the mat from its box. Lay it flat in a warm environment to allow it to un-crease.

2.Insert a new alkaline type 9-volt battery or connect the adopter.

3.Place the device at its working location.

4.Switch ON and the power indicator lights up.

5.Test the mat using tone mode

6.Wait for your pet to learn about the mat.

7.Two power modes (battery alkaline or 6F22 9-volt supply; adopter input: 100-240volt, output: 9V DC 500mA-800mA,not include battery and adapter)



On the front of the electronics controller, slide the battery door open. Insert and connect a new 9-volt ALKALINE battery; then slide the battery door back into place. We recommend switching the mat OFF when not in use. Battery life will depend on the number of activations and the amount of time the mat is left in standby mode.



Insert the 9-volt, adopter, input: 100-240volt, output: 9VDC 500mA-800mA(not include battery and adapter) 

Important note: when using a power adapter, be sure to remove the battery, conversely remove the power adapter when using battery power.

Low battery indicator:

When the battery is low, the controller will beep every 5 seconds.


Locating the device

Be sure the mat is fully unfolded and not folded back on itself.

The surface on which it is placed should be electrically non-conductive and dry, 

Do not leave objects on top of the mat.


Switching the static training mat on:

To switch ON, momentarily press and release the button. The lights will periodically flash to indicate the mat is switched ON.



The static training mat needs to calibrate itself to the surface on which it is placed. Calibration occurs when you switch the controller from OFF to ON. Whenever you change the mat`s location you must switch the controller OFF. Wait 20 seconds. Switch the controller ON. DO NOT TOUCH OR MOVE the mat for the next 60 seconds while calibration takes place.



Press pushbutton switch for 3 seconds, then release. The LED will flash three times and make a long beeping sound to confirm you selected OFF.


Testing the static training mat

1.Switch ON the Pet Training Mat. Wait 60 seconds for calibration

2.Set the operation to “Tone Only”. Now place your hand on the mat. You will hear a beep and the red LED will flash. This indicates that the Pet Training Mat is detecting your hand and working properly.




The Pet Training Mat offers three training modes:

  Tone +Static Simulation.

  Static Stimulation Only.

  Tone Only.

When you change the battery the static training mat remembers the last training mode used. To change levels, momentarily press and release the pushbutton switch. The LED will light to indicate the selected training mode.






Allow your pets to roam and discover their new boundaries, since all pets are different, it may take several encounters before they understand and respect the mat. For some pets this can take a few days. During this learning phase, choose the tone mode first then set .DO NOT FORCE your pet onto the mat otherwise your pet may associate your actions with the stimulation rather than with the static training mat. Your pet must learn to associate the static training mat with the unpleasant stimulation.



None of the LEDs are ON:

●Check that the static training mat is switched on.

●Check that the static training mat contains a 9-volt alkaline battery(not included) and it is properly connected inside the controller.

●Try a new 9-volt alkaline battery.


The mat does not detect my pet but the LED indicates it is switched ON:

●Follow the procedure;testing the static training mat.

●The controller may be loose. Unplug the controller, check the connection studs for problems. Plug back together again.

●Your pet`s feet may have too much fur causing the mat not to trigger. Trim excess fur to expose the pads on your pet`s paws.

●If the mat is damp, dry it and try again.

●Try a new 9-volt alkaline battery.


The static training mat won`t switch ON:

●Check that the 9-volt battery is properly inserted into the controller and that the connection is not loose.

●Check that the controller is securely snapped onto the static training mat.

●My pet ignores the mat.

●Follow the routine;testing the mat; but set it to stimulation. Place your hand on the mat. Does the stimulation work?


Frequently asked questions

Q: will the static training mat work for my dogs or cats?

A: static training mat is safe and effective for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.

Q: is the stimulation safe and humane?

A: while the stimulation is unpleasant, it is harmless to your pet.


A: static training mat is water resistant not waterproof. Water being on the mat does not decrease it effectiveness. The controls are also water resistant. If the controls become wet, they will stop working until they become dry. Do not fully submerse the mat or controls in water.



◆Please read the owner's guide before starting installation and training.

◆This product may present a slipping or tripping hazard. Use with caution and safety in mind.

◆Alert others to the presence of the static training mat.

◆Do not use the static training mat on or near stairways.

◆This static training mat is intended only for the training of animals.

◆Never use the static training mat for any purpose not described in thin manual.

◆Keep your device and all accessories out of the reach of little children. Small parts may cause choking or serious injury if swallowed.

◆Avoid exposing your device to very cold or very hot temperatures(below 0℃ or above 45℃)extreme temperatures can cause the deformation of the device and reduce the charging capacity and life of your device.

◆A low battery may cause intermittent operation. DO NOT USE if you suspect a low battery.

◆Do not use this product near fire or open flame.

◆Keep away from children. Small parts may cause choking or serious injury if swallowed.

◆To ensure the product life, not to separate the device and the mat. Do not allow your device and mat to get wet, liquids can cause serious damage.

◆Do not handle your mat with wet hands. Water damage to your mat can void your manufacturer's warranty.




Unsnap the controller from the mat. The mat may be cleaned with a cloth and mild soapy water. Rinse and then dry the mat after cleaning. Once the mat is dry, reattach the controls. Important: do not submerge the electronic controller in water.


Always place a soft cloth or towel between the car surface and the static training mat.



When it's not in use, we recommend storing your static training mat in its original container with the battery removed.


Water on the mat surface does not significantly decrease the stimulation. However, it may cause false triggering.


You must not allow the electronic controller to et wet (damage not covered by warranty).



12x60  inch-Great for kitchen counters﹠sofas

20x48  inch-Great to block a doorway or larger areas.

30x16  inch-Great to sofa or little areas.

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