Dog Kennel Cough How to do?

- Jan 31, 2018-

The pathogen of canine fossa cough is very complicated and contagious, all dog owners once think dog has similar symptom of dog's nest cough, do not hesitate, do not use drugs of oneself, hurry to send dog to hospital!

If the diagnosis is a canine nest cough, should take timely isolation and disinfection measures and timely medical treatment to prevent the spread of disease, development;

There are many dogs in the family must do a good job of isolation, to avoid cross infection

Question: How to prevent in the future?

Regular vaccination, easy prevention of disease;

It is cold to pay attention to the work of the dog;

In the canine nest cough many season, as far as possible takes the dog to go to the pet pile place to play, reduces the contact germ the opportunity;

Regular disinfection of the home ventilation, dog cleaning cage to create a clean environment