How to kill lice and fleas quickly?

- Jan 31, 2018-

1. The Flea growth Control agent is a bio-chemical product of an artificial insect-like hormone that destroys the early life cycle of fleas and causes death. Such products do not fully control fleas in environmentally friendly compounds, but they can reduce the amount of pesticide applied.

2. In addition to flea extract the use of direct smear on the dog hair to let it naturally dry pesticides, leaching liquid usually contains pyrethroids or synthetic pyrethroids, usually more non-toxic, and less residue, if the regular use is also quite effective.

3. Flea sprays, paints and powders are all kinds of pesticides, insecticide additives or growth control agents, such as adding alcohol or aqueous solution into the spray, coating agent, silica algae soil or silica into a powder. The key part for the dog's feet, back, tail, and buttocks, when applied and should be reversed to coat as much as possible on the skin, use some before going out, so that those who jump to the dog immediately die without being brought home, in addition to avoid spraying or powder applied to the wound or rough skin, and do not spray into its eyes, Because pesticides are quickly absorbed into the body by the skin, and the alcohol content is irritating.

4. Anti-flea collar mostly contains organic phosphorus or amino carbonate and other pesticides, dissolved in the plastic ingredients and slowly released, directly in the flea body to make it fatal, in the flea collar before the expiry of the effective time to replace the new.