Pet Dog Training

- Jan 31, 2018-

Pet Dog in the home, so must let it fixed time and urine, even if out for a walk, should also develop the good habit of not on the toilet. In order to facilitate training, the home should first prepare a bedpan placed in a fixed place, such as bathroom or courtyard corner and other places. Because the dog has the habit of defecation after eating, it should be trained from an early age.

Soon after the dog eat, will be in the indoor restless walk around, this time the owner will immediately lead it to the target point, and issued a "toilet" meaning similar to the password, and keep waiting for its defecation. If the wrong place, the owner will promptly issued a "no" meaning similar to the password, and a light call and punishment.

The dog urination and eating has nothing to do, but the number of urination is more, the dog in the feces before, usually in the indoor side of the walk and smell, step better, will squat down to urinate. At this point, the owner should be in the box when it is "no" the meaning of a similar password, and then take it to its toilet.

If the dog neglects or does not go to the designated place to urinate, must punish promptly. The punishment is to first press the dog's nose above the excrement. . After the punishment, the owner should clean out the excrement in time. After washing clean, sprinkle with deodorant or disinfectant, so that the dog will never urinate in this place. When the dog in a fixed place after the urine, to clean up the urine in time, and wash with water, but remember to keep a little urine odor, in order to facilitate it to sniff again, especially in the early training should be repeated training.