Take a pet trip notice counting

- Jan 31, 2018-

1. Beat the needle in advance and train the pet to obey the master's orders.

2. Do not feed the water again for six hours before departure.

3. One hours before departure, it is best to take it for a walk and urine.

4. If the dog will get carsick, prepare toilet paper or sanitary mat, consult veterinarian in advance, take carsick medicine appropriately.

5. The car is covered with a pet habit of cloth or like toys, will make him more comfortable.

6. During the journey if necessary, get off activities or a small amount of water.

7. Wear a contact phone card for your pet.

8. The puppy and the old dog must be careful of the wind to catch cold, wear warm clothes if necessary.

9. To avoid exposure to the sun if you have a lung problem (such as coughing, wheezing) or a fat dog.

10. In hot weather, do not leave the pet in the car alone, even if you shake down the window, the pet will still dehydrate heatstroke.

11. Do not walk with your dog on the hot asphalt, lest you burn your feet.