The dog's method of New and fleas

- Jan 31, 2018-

A. Aromatic essential oil resistant to tick (1 litres):

Turpentine (essential oil) 500 ml, lavender or eye-catching lavender essential oil 100 ml, St. John's Grass Oil 100 ml, olive oil 300 ml, to this adjust the oil gently massage the affected department. After 10 minutes, the tick will fall out of the ground, to massage the abdomen, thigh fold, behind the ear, The surrounding area is a good precaution, especially in summer, and can be applied once a week.

Two. There are several ways to fight fleas:

N (massage) turpentine (essential oil) 1/2 amount of olive oil or 90% alcohol 1/2

1/4 amount of olive oil or 90% alcohol 3/4 amount

3-Put a layer of mint on the dog's bunk (Flea hates mint)

4-lemon lemongrass essential oil (especially in tropical countries)

Three. Remedies for cattle ticks:

Hundred cloth (four or five pounds of dog to buy 2 dollars of hundred cloth) + a bottle of sorghum wine, put the hundred cloth into the wine completely soaked more than 24 hours, medication juice to wipe the dog body wet, to pay special attention to wipe the skin, to be completely dry, then rub wet, three consecutive times, completely dry after flushing, combed hair neatly, observe and see Mi, according to the experiment, New will die. If there are some, do it again in the days to come.

Four. I said how I used to kill the cow tick: (The effect is very good, now 10 years have not seen New)

The 1th step, first put GG find a place to isolate. Then go to the birds and flowers to buy a pest powder. Insecticide powder to evenly spread in the whole body of GG, GG may want to buy 3-4 bottles

The 2nd step is to buy 2 bottles of insecticide water (before I bought "Black Xunfeng" or black cyclone?) Figure It is enough, 2 masks (pharmacies have to buy) go back to the place where you GG live to 2 bottles of potions are sprayed, (spray the gap: Floor, corner wall, window and door of the gap, wooden furniture with holes in the hole are sprayed more than a few times, and then shut the doors and windows, (note that people can not stay inside oh,) every other day in return.