The way to eliminate fleas

- Jan 31, 2018-

(1) Eliminate the breeding grounds of fleas. Sanitation, vigorously rodent, keep the ground and corner of the clean, clear dust, so that fleas have no place to hide and reproduce.

(2) Use fire to kill fleas on the ground. If there are many fleas on the ground, you can burn the ground directly with flames, or scatter the hot ashes from the hearth to the ground to kill the flea's adult, egg, nymph and pupa. In this way to kill fleas should pay attention to fire.

(3) Use drugs to kill fleas and mice on the ground. such as the 25% Trichlorfon (40 grams per square metre), 5% malathion (50 grams per square metre), 1% kill Granville Powder (30 grams per square metre), 05% (40 grams per square metre), 0005% Deltamethrin powder (25 grams per square metre) sprinkle on the ground, Or sprinkle 1% trichlorfon aqueous solution or 1% malathion aqueous solution (100 ml per square metre) on the ground.

(4) Kill the fleas on the pets such as cats and dogs. Safe, low toxic drugs can be used to keep people and pets safe. Wrap 1% pyrethroids, 5% malathion with gauze, 1% kill Granville Powder, against the cat, dog hair rub in, kill the cat, dog fleas, you can also put the cat, dog body into the 05% iodine parathion, 025% malathion, 01% permethrin, 00025% deltamethrin aqueous solution in the bath. Take the pet out in 30 minutes, wash it clean with water, and blow dry the pet's hair.