Example Teaches You How To Correct A Dog's Bad Habit Of Going Out And Barking

- Jan 31, 2018-

Rich, who had successfully produced 11 babies at the beginning of the year, has become a mother, but now Miss Yang takes it out for a walk every night, and the rope is holding tightly. Fearing that it saw the runner or the slow-walking old man would dash over and bark. If the person had a violent reaction or drank it, rich would jump around it, like an attack.

Rich was very responsive to the sudden appearance of high places, and once he failed to hold it, he rushed to the mound. Shouting at the top of the people, fortunately, the man is not afraid of dogs, rich self-knowledge is not interesting to return to the owner side. Recently it even hearted to eat, originally love to eat dry feed it. Now I would like to mix the canned meat to eat, or the hunger strike, let Miss Yang really nerve-racking.

The trainer sees Rich

Rich's response to some people has become a habit, it is difficult to completely eradicate. But there are ways to improve to just a few steps to stop or just call a sound. In fact, this is also an example of lack of socialization. Dogs should be exposed to different people or dogs as much as possible 4 months ago, so they get used to all kinds of situations. If the dog is not socialized enough, small size is not daring to show. The problem occurs when the ability to attack is ripe, and the person who is being attacked will eventually flee. Let the dog realize that as long as the rush to call can drive away the people do not like, such a vicious circle, no matter how to stop the owner is useless. As soon as you see the target it will rush (which can also explain why dogs often chase the postman).

1. Respect Food

First of all, feed the main control of food first, to teach dogs.

2. Take the dinner out to eat

Start at home and move a little every day. To the road, the park, and then to the dog-walking route to eat. When a dog is willing to eat, it means lowering the alert for the environment until it is used to eating outside. Frequency can be adjusted from one day to 2 days or 4 days at a time. Feeding principle is the last dog to eat how much, under accomplishment on how much.