How To Control The Barking Of Dogs?

- Jan 31, 2018-

1. Tie the traction rope to the railing or pillar. The owner is about 1 meters away from the dog and luring the dog with a toy. When a dog can't get a toy, he should reward food.

2. When the dog barks, the toy is taken away and the food reward is replaced by a tone reward that says "good dog". But occasionally the dog should be rewarded with a satisfying food.

3. The dog should be called at the same time, issued a "call" order, and then give the toy as a reward. The action should choose the right time to predict the dog's bark by looking at the dog's expression.

4. Once the dog understands the "called" Password and makes a call, the dog is ordered to be "quiet". When the dog stops barking, give the toy a reward immediately. If the dog barks, take away the toy and issue a "Do Not call" password.

5. Close the dog bark or keep quiet, and then increase the distance between the owner and the dog, repeatedly training until the dog can have the correct consistent response to these passwords.

6. The owner returned to the dog's side, with the dog's favorite toy as a reward. Continue to repeat training until the dog is in control and has an instinctive reaction to the intermittent rewards. Then release the dog and let the dog continue to train without traction rope.