Stop The Newborn Dog From Barking At Night

- Jan 31, 2018-

Many dog babies often bark at the first night of their new home. It's good to play or keep it in the side, but if you leave it alone, or when the owner shuts off the light, the dog starts barking. As soon as the master has gone, it will stop barking. Repeatedly, noisy you can not sleep all night, and sometimes even disturbed the neighborhood.

The main reason for barking dogs is that they just left the original group, just to a strange environment to create a sense of fear, or feel lonely and lonely. So, how to make the new puppy in the night not to call it? According to experience, it's best to put it in a cage before you go to sleep, and don't turn off the lights. Put a few Kraft envelopes in the cage or dog bite gum for the dog to play biting, it will naturally sleep when tired. If necessary, you can open a radio next to an all-night program channel, the appropriate sound can make the dog baby peace of mind, or the old clothes you do not give the dog a small cushion, the dog to smell the owner of the natural peace of mind to sleep.

If the baby dog is called, the Master also pretends not to know, extinct. Do not call it, the owner of the past to protect it, so that it will have as long as it is called to have the owner to accompany it feeling. Also can not because the dog is barking at night, although the puppy will temporarily stop barking, but will make the dog baby to the owner of fear, resulting in distrust of the owner. In general, after 2-3 days, the dog will gradually become familiar with and adapt to the environment and stop barking at night.