The Method Of The Marker Training

- Jan 31, 2018-

There are three ways of the marker training method, one is inducement (parochial), one is Capture Method (Capture) and the other is shaping method (shaping). The induction method is more rapid but imprecise, often leads to confusion or confusion, the capture method is more natural and accurate, but the initial training time is longer. The method of moulding is to break down the action or action of the desired training into many steps, and then one by one to achieve the act or action that we want to train by capturing the method of training and reaching a coherent approach.

Induction (parochial): Use snacks to induce the dog to produce the desired behavior or action of the trainer, but the dog does the right thing, presses the marker and rewards the snack with it. Capture Method (Capture): Do not use snacks, gestures or sound at all ... Wait for a hint, observe the dog's behavior or action subtly, and when the dog takes the action or action expected by the trainer, press the marker immediately and give the snack reward.

Molding method (Shaping): Do not use snacks or gestures and other tips, subtle observation of the dog's behavior or action, but the dog began to face the owner of the expected behavior or action response, immediately press the ring and give snacks reward. It can also be said that the trainer is expected to act or action decomposition steps, each step of the capture method to train, gradually achieve the dog owner expected behavior or action.