Training Principles For Dog's Defecation

- Jan 31, 2018-

First, the use of water nozzle 1, you can save space. 2, can avoid the use of water basins, dog activities when stepping on the water basin to dirty and wet the feet.

Second, the toilet to bring pressure nets, because some puppies will bite pad for various reasons.

Three, the Air box!---if the training is good, have your unexpected effect! It's not what everyone thinks--"the dog's Cell" is the dog's bedroom.

Cushion: Mat In the early training can help the dog build the concept of the nest, and help the dog into the air box. But summer may not work.

If you follow this layout, our experience is that 90% of the dogs will run to the dog's toilet stool, and we'll just have to see it (in the toilet stool) and reward it immediately (the reward is very important, preferably its favorite food.) and rarely eaten at ordinary times.