What If The Dog Barks?

- Jan 31, 2018-

1, break the law, so that the dog can not find a high point

The general Pet family will have a very regular lifestyle: after a long time, this model will impress the dog, so that it will be the owner of the action and the next thing linked together. For example, when the owner changes clothes, changes shoes, takes the traction rope, the dog knows that he has the opportunity to go out to the outdoor carnival.

Think about what you're going to do before you go out in the morning, and you can try to upset the order. In fact, to break the dog before the association of these scenes, do not know what to do next, will not be excited barking.

2, the owner turned "vegetable"

In addition, the owner should also give the dog a clear standard, such as only when the dog's four feet fall on the ground to proceed to the next step. Before going out, the dog is excited to bark and jump back and forth, then the owner should stand motionless, until the dog's four feet to stop the noise, and then continue.

3. All family members strictly follow a standard

Usually in the home of more than one owner, the attitude of different people to the dog will also make a big difference, this will let the dog confused situation-can be a moment to get attention through barking, and then because of barking again to be ignored. The elasticity of this standard is fundamental to the emergence of many behavioral problems in dogs. So every member of the family should be able to communicate and not change at any time.