What To Do When A Pet Dog Is Potty-filled?

- Jan 31, 2018-

First: To train dogs to go out for a walk when not to pee everywhere, the simplest and most direct way is once found that the dog has the behavior of urine everywhere, we must immediately stop, but also severe criticism, let the dog absolutely remember that once there is the behavior of urine will be punished by the owner. Let the dog have a feeling of fear, so that it will not dare to pee anywhere.

Second: The life should pay attention to train the dog to develop the fixed point excretion habit. In fact, it is not difficult to teach your dog to go to the toilet regularly, and with the host's living habits and living environment, can be trained to meet the needs of their own way of defecation. And the most important idea of education is your love for your dog and your patience during the training process, so that your dog can learn quickly and well.

Third: The dog's memory and thinking mode is very simple, it will make his action, and the present appearance of the people, smells, scenes make a reasonable link. Therefore, in the course of training if found that the dog made a mistake, must be timely punishment, and do not have a few days after the repeat.