R106 Interactive Pet Treat Toy

R106 Interactive Pet Treat Toy

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Product Details

Redmogo106 Interactive Pet Treat Toy is a high-tech electronic toy that combines eating, sports and amusement. It can eat and amused. It further develops the intelligence of pets in the process of eating and playing, and improves the IQ of pets. The movement of pets makes the play more meaningful. The appearance adopts the tumbler cat design, which is beautiful and generous, and can emit sound when playing and eating.It can emit three colors of light to cater to the cat's love of the light, as well as insects, birds, cats, dogs, rats and other animal sounds can be adjusted. It is our first kind to implant the sound of animals into pet toys or food utensils. Create a pioneer in pet sound and light toys, making pets more fun, sportier healthier.




106 Pet Slow Feeder Toy has 3 lights flash, four animal sounds to make pets more fun, sportier and healthier.


106 IQ Pet Treat Ball Allows pets to move and play freely, no matter how pets roll it, it still stand up.Feeding and playing are combined. It  lets dogs&cats see, smell, hear and find the snacks inside the toy. To excite the interests and the appetite of them, help pets increases IQ and mental stimulation, play with the food, enjoy interaction, reduce boredom and destructive behavior.


Tumbler makes it roll in a small area while playing, the food won’t sprinkle everywhere. And it 's easy for the feeder to clean.


Give your pet an ultimate brain teaser with this amazing IQ ball with food dispenser, reduce anxiety and feel less lonely when you are working . Nice playmate for your dogs & cats. Perfect Christmas, Valentines, Birthday Gifts for your dog, cat, pets.

Made of good quality ABS and PC, non-toxic, durable.

Dog Treat Ball Material: Made of high quality ABS and PC,durable,non-toxic and safe food container





The product is not waterproof and please be kept away from water and fire. Not suitable for pet bites



Always supervise your pet while playing. Please take away the toy if it is damaged, broken or fell apart, as it may lead to undesirable injuries.

▲ Product Data
Appearance size: diameter
3.7inch high:5.3ihch
Net Weight: 10.2ounce

Gross weight:  11ounce
Product material: ABS + PC + iron


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